Safe Steps ,in Oncology

Safe Stepsin Oncology

With the Multidisciplinary Oncology Council, our doctors act hand in hand for the health of our oncology patients. In this way, the treatment process of our patients proceeds more safely and in cooperation with the doctor.

Genetics, Scanning (PGD)

GeneticsScanning (PGD)

With Preimpilation Genetic Screening (PGD), you can increase your chances of success even more in IVF treatment.

Right Time ,Right Diagnosis

Right TimeRight Diagnosis

With the right time, correct diagnosis and correct treatment, many dangerous infectious diseases can be treated and the person can return to normal life with health.


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PamukkaleWonder of Health

Pamukkale curative thermal waters, listed among the UNESCO world heritages, invite you to a joyful treatment process.

International Patient Services

The International Patient Services Center at SAĞLIK Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients and visitors. Our staff is dedicated to providing services including consultations, diagnostic services, billing and insurance, travel and lodging arrangements and language interpretation services.

Before Your Travel

Before you travel to SAĞLIK , you should: Prior to your journey, please read through this section. We want to ensure that your visit to SAĞLIK goes as smoothly as possible.

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