Rehabilitation enables the person to return to normal daily life at the highest level independently and painlessly by using various physical therapy devices with exercise applications in cases of disability or disability due to neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic and pediatric diseases.

In the department, treatments with physical agents such as thermotherapy (heat therapy), cryotherapy (cold therapy), electrotherapy, hydrotherapy (phototherapy), phototherapy (light therapy), traction, manipulation, and exercise treatments are applied.

In addition to medical and physical therapy, local injections and interventional treatments are used when necessary.

Robotic Rehabilitation;

-Lower Estremite (Walking Robot)

-Robotic Rehabilitation has difficulty in walking due to neurological problems treadmill  with the help of robotic legs supporting the body weight of patients It is a rehabilitation system that allows them to exercise with the right walking pattern.-It is a rehabilitation system that allows them to exercise with the right walking pattern.

-Exercises with robotic gait system, patient's mobility, balance and increases coordination.

-During walking exercises, the patient can actively run his arms. In this way, while adaptingthe patients to exercise, maximum contribution is made to the development of cognitive and motor functions.

-The adjustable degree of robotic support, the versatile infrared sensors that automatically stop the device in case of danger, offer a high level of patient safety.

-It is used effectively and safely in stroke, neurological problems, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis (MS), parkinson's, other neurological problems that cause overload disorder, orthopedic problems that cause overload disorder and walking problems due to long bed.

Neurological Rehabilitation;

Treatment of paralysis that develops after head trauma of paralysis due to blockage in brain vessels or as a result of spinal cord injuries caused by neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation;

Before and after hip and knee surgeries, after ankle shoulder and elbow operations, shoulder and limb fractures are detected and after the fixation of the joint stiffness and muscle weakness, the service is provided to eliminate movement limitations.

Rheumatologic Rehabilitation;

In the treatment of rheumatoid diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, joint deformities and movement restriction, the treatment of waist leg and neck pain and prevention of recurrences, fibromyalgia and other soft tissue rheumatics, osteoporosis-related pain reliefand exercise planning is provided.

Upper Extremity (Arm and Hand Robot)

-Cerebral palsy, spinal cord paralysis, congenital cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS due to neurological problems such as hand and arm can not use, is used in patients with weakness and involuntary contractions.

-It gives successful results in both early and advanced stages of rehabilitation.

-It is very successful in improving the use of the hands and arms of patients in daily life and in sending the correct signals to the brain. 

-Computer system-game therapy is available.Pediatric Rehabilitation

Hand Rehabilitation

Treatment Unit;

-Serving unit with advanced equipment and advanced technological devices that have formed our one of the small number of available physical therapy and rehabilitation centersin Turkey. The traction unit, which also provides massage and heating services, offers the resultant technology in the treatment of patients with lumbar and neck hernia.

-In our hospital, short wave diathermy treatment is applied as a difference from other centers. this device is of great importance in the treatment of all rheumatic diseases, post fracture treatments, lumbar and neck hernias and especially knee joint calcification. 

-Stereodynator combined electrotherapy devices used in large centers and used in our hospital are routinely used in the treatment of all our patients.

- Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is specially designed and equipped with mechanical devices in order to serve our patients in a way that will help them to be treated comfortably.

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