An SYSTEM that sets an example for the world in healthcare services...
25 years have passed since we started our journey in February 1992 under the name of ERPA Saglik Hospital.
Saglik Hospital, which we laid the foundation in 2010 with the courage and power we received from you, started its operations as of October 2014.
Providing compact services with centers of excellence
Saglik Hospital within the group that meet global standards, also stand out with the centersof excellence. Among the nationally and internationally accredited and qualified centers due to their advanced technology equipment and experts that have significant experience in their own fields.
International quality in healthcare
Saglik Hospital provides services in line with national and international standards with a quality improvement and patient safety approach. Saglik Hospital in Turkey are evaluated each year by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the Quality Standards in Healthcare
Center of attraction in health tourism
Hospitals that are affiliated with Saglik Hospital and provide specialized services in the field of healthcare offer diagnosis and treatment services for many international patients that come to our country. Turkey is currently one of the leading countries in health tourism due to the diagnostic and treatment services offered at global standards.
We can arrange visits places like Afrodisias and Laodikeia.  Our patient’s treatments is a really stresfull process. We arrange these kinds of visits to take this stress away and thesevisits can impress the process on a pozitive way. We don't look people just a patient, they are important to us. That is why we always try to find  the best treatment process for our guests.
 Our basic idea when starting our work was the principle that all our guests deserve world-class care.